Accenture ASEP

Inclusion Starts With I

The first ever ASEP Summit drew in over 50 top young leaders from across the country to learn and immerse themselves in leadership as demonstrated by Accenture. This 2 day summit focused on how to network, understand the career journey, work with strengths and weaknesses, and most certainly include and diversify the workplace.

In collaboration with TagPrints young leaders were invited to commit to their future. A future that includes bringing the conversation back to themselves. Commit to being the first step in a more diverse and equal work environment. TagPrints captured that commitment and shared them to social networks. Making the statement that these young leaders are here to improve others as much as themselves.

This project featured custom branding and social sharing tags to increase social sharing. Do you have a fun project we can help amplify with photo sharing? Reach out and see how we can capture and share your message!

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