Jack Daniels

In July of 2015, Jack Daniel’s partnered with the music festival Ruido Fest. Ruido Fest is Chicago’s only 3-day Latin Alternative Music Festival showcasing Latin Post-Punk, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rock, Psychedelia, Tropicalia, EDM, Reggae and Pop acts from around the country.
The Goals
  • To capture Ruido Fest attendee’s attention to their booth
  • To publicize their presence at the fest on Twitter & Facebook
  • To enhance the event by providing a unique experience for guests
The Method
With a customized Jack Daniel’s backdrop and TagPrints’ Social Media Photo Booth on site, attendees of the event took photos in the booth and then shared the photos to social media channels like Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #HazLoQueNunca. Instantly, those photos were printed with a Jack Daniel’s template and given to the attendees as a cherished token from the music festival.
The Results
Jack Daniel’s successfully partnered with Ruido Fest and gained the positive publicity they were looking for by utilizing our Social Media Photo Booth. With users hashtagging, sharing, and printing a branded Jack Daniel’s photo to keep, attendees of Ruido Fest provided excellent social media and word-of-mouth marketing for the whiskey company.
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