Experiential Marketing: The New Norm

Bullseye target - digital marketing vs. face to face

Experiential marketing. You hear the word tossed around a lot these days, because it is quickly becoming the new norm for marketing strategies. Gone are the days where basic advertising techniques prove to be successful. Instead, companies are striving to find techniques where they can help the consumers experience a brand – not just hear…

Exhibitor Live 2015: A New Twist to Social Media Infographics

Exhibitor Live…It’s like Christmas morning to professionals in the trade show and event space. It’s where marketers learn from seasoned event experts and where businesses build new connections to enhance face-to-face marketing efforts. Matt and Andy, Managing Partners at TagPrints Digital, had the opportunity to lead a hands-on workshop on Sunday, March 1st. What was…

We’ve Been Featured in Glamour Magazine!

TagPrints Digital’s Managing Partner, Andy Marsh, sat down with world-famous Glamour Magazine to shed expertise on social media driven weddings! In today’s day and age, immediately after a proposal the first thing many brides-to-be do is post about it on social media (let the likes pour in!). The social media does not stop here, however….