Let’s pretend that I meet you at an event or trade show and greet you as follows:

Hi, my name’s Kelly. What’s your name? What’s your address? Male or Female? Age? What’s your email address? Where do you work?

Get the picture? Chances are, you will turn in the opposite direction and walk (or run) away from me. Or, you may make an excuse, or in the slim chance that you answer all my questions, you will be irritated, annoyed, and feel like I’m wasting your time.

Now, consider I started it like this instead:

Welcome! Would you like to grab some of these various props, take fun photos with a group of your friends and colleagues, AND get a free printed version of those photos to take home and cherish?

If you’re at all like me, chances are that you’ll stick around, get excited to have some fun, and jump in the photo booth, and strike a pose.

Not only is the second scenario better in the eyes of the guests, but MUCH better for you as a company in order to easily facilitate data collection at an event.

Today’s new hot topic in the marketing world is “experiential marketing.” Just as the word hints at, experiential marketing is a way to get consumers to not only learn about your brand, but experience what that brand is and what is means to them. Not only are companies challenged with creating an interactive activity that engages and excites guests, but also makes collecting data from those guests that much harder.

Cue TagPrints Social Media Photo Booth. I hate to toot our own horn, but this booth provides all the features I just mentioned and more. With the booth, data collection at events is extremely possible, and believe it or not, fun!

First, we’ll address how the photo booth works. Attendees of the event simply tap the screen to activate the photo session. Seeing as it’s an open air photo booth, guests are allowed to use props in order to create hilarious photos with up to 7 adult guests! Branded (your company’s logo and colors) photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and sent through text message or email. The best part? Before the photos can be printed for the guests, they have to answer some questions (that your company dictates) in order to collect the data!

Back shot of people typing on trade show kiosk
Three attendees entering email address at social media kiosk.

You choose what you and your company want to collect at the event. The social media photo booth can collect data such as:

  1.   Email capture at events
  2.   Phone Numbers
  3.   Responses to specific survey questions
  4.   Demographic information (when shared to Facebook)

When you collect data at an event in this way, guests aren’t bored or reluctant to do so. They want to share with you their information, because unlike most data collection strategies, they get something in return. Data collection at events is often one-sided and benefits solely the company. However, with TagPrints’ Social Media Photo Booth, they are much more willing to give up their information in order to obtain that photo printed copy of their photo booth session.

Sound like something you would be interested in? (A fun way to collect data – How could you not be?!) Feel free to contact us with any questions or request pricing information for your next event at hello@tagprints.com !