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Matt and Andy, Managing Partners at TagPrints Digital, had the opportunity to lead a hands-on workshop on Sunday, March 1st. What was the subject? Using Google Analytics to measure offline marketing activity in the context of a trade show.

As proponents of experiential learning, we understood that a tangible example needed to be used to overcome learning challenges of the fairly complex system. So we launched the industry’s first real-time social media infographic. This infographic, which was shared over 200 times, featured high level metrics for #EXHIBITORLIVE, key influencers, and the top mentioned social networks. To generate traffic to be used in our workshop, we boosted the infographic using Twitter’s robust advertising platform.

You can check out the responsive real-time version here, or see the final recap version below. Interested in boosting social media engagement at your next trade show booth or event? Get in touch!