Experiential marketing. You hear the word tossed around a lot these days, because it is quickly becoming the new norm for marketing strategies. Gone are the days where basic advertising techniques prove to be successful.

Instead, companies are striving to find techniques where they can help the consumers experience a brand – not just hear and learn about it. It isn’t even focused on sales, revenue, or making a profit. It’s about showing the world who your brand is, what you do, and ultimately, building a relationship with your customers.

To get a better picture, let me show you 3 excellent examples of experiential marketing in action:

Red Bull

Almost everything Red Bull does is based around experiential marketing. It sponsors numerous extreme sports events, and constantly associates itself as a crazy, intense brand name.

One specific event Red Bull launched attracted insane global attention. It was the Stratos Jump, where Felix Baumgartner passed the speed of sound as he broke a 52-year-old record for the highest recorded parachute jump. News channels around the world carried live coverage of the event, gaining Red Bull unparalleled brand exposure and PR.


Back in 2007, Century Fox partnered with 7-Eleven for their premiere of The Simpsons Movie. 7-Eleven transformed 12 of its stores into Kwik-E-Marts (the shop run by a Simpsons character in the show). It offered real versions of the fictitious items that are included in The Simpsons show, like KrustyO’s cereal, Buzz Cola, and Squishee frozen drinks. People loved seeing a fictional store they’ve watched on TV for so long come to life, and it was a great experience that people remembered.

Bud Light

One of the most incredible and successful experiential marketing campaigns includes Bud Light’s “Whatever, U.S.A.” Bud Light traveled across the country and took over an entire town and (literally) painted it blue. They gave 1,000 lucky contest winners a chance to attend a two-day rager, essentially proving that they’re “up for whatever.”

Bud Light is using their insights about millennials to build this campaign. They’ve quickly learned that this generation values experience more than material possessions, and because of constantly being connected online and through social media, they fear missing out on events.

As you can see, experiential marketing is here to stay. People are trying to find various ways to bring their brands to life.

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