Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore! These guys are all over Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and a variety of other platforms. Initially created by Twitter to categorize tweets by keyword, the hashtag is a powerful tool to get your audience talking and to gain recognition for your event. By creating a unique hashtag for your trade show or event, you’re allowing it to be easily accessed through a Twitter search and you are identifying it as a relevant keyword or phrase.

Creating a hashtag for your event can be a major challenge and should not be taken lightly during the planning process. The success of your social branding lies in the effectiveness of your hashtag, and we’re here to make it easier for you!

To create an effective event or trade show hashtag, you need to…

1. Get Descriptive

Your hashtag should explain what event or brand you are representing. It should be relevant enough for users to recognize in context, but unique enough that it doesn’t get drowned out in internet clutter. (i.e. #BeneBrowTour)

2. Be Specific

With so many hashtags out there, you want yours to stand out. Always make your hashtag specific to the date or location of your event when possible. This will make for easier analytics and more focused results. How many #SoccerExpo’s are there? Try out #SoccerExpoNY or #SoccerExpo14 instead.

3. Stay Simple

Avoid special characters and symbols. Anything that could distract users from correctly understanding your hashtag should be eliminated. Easily misspelled words and double letters don’t belong in a hashtag, they only cause confusion and mistakes. Hashtags like #Sportsspectacular or #MississippiFans are just spelling disasters waiting to happen.

4. Keep It Short and Sweet

Tweets can only be 140 characters, so remember to keep your hashtag as concise as possible. Doing so allows users to post their own content in addition to your hashtag. Try not to use more than 10 characters and keep your hashtag to less than three words. Don’t forget: abbreviations are your friend! (i.e. #WWFConf12 or #CatExpoUSA)

5. Make it Memorable

How do you expect anyone to remember your event if they can’t even recall the hashtag? A memorable hashtag will also catch the eye of those not attending your event, and the repetition of an easy-to-remember hashtag sparks interest in those unfamiliar with your event. Try for a catchy phrase or words your audience is familiar with to keep your hashtag fresh in their mind, even after your event ends.

6. Be Decisive

You should be confident in your choice so you don’t end up changing your mind, since ultimately your hashtag will end up being printed on high cost mediums and you’ll be seeing it everywhere. Think of it like a tattoo… but more expensive. And living on forever via the internet instead of your skin.

Need a hand crafting the best hashtag for your trade show? Shoot me an email: kellyc@tagprints.com