Social Photo Booth Lite

Quick Setup

Our Photo Booth Lite is fully functional within 5 minutes of setup time. 4 pieces easily connected by 4 screws. This photo booth is ready to promote your event faster than you can grab a cup of coffee.

Easy As It Gets

We have moved towards the simplest form of photo capture with less moving parts and just as much sharing. This booth has buttons that allow users to take still shots, 4-shot GIFs and the crowd favorite Burst GIF similar to Boomerang

Free Quote
Live Gallery
Photo Options


With our realtime analytics we can track shares per social platform. Capture data easier than ever.



Share live galleries with clients to see all content in real time. Great for sharing to company pages.
Populate 3-5 multiple choice questions before they can receive their photo via text/email.
Only allow people to share their photo after entering their email/phone number.
Let attendees know they can be used for marketing materials by prompting them with a disclaimer prior to photos being taken.
Let attendees know that their emails will opt them in for newsletters/follow ups!

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