You’ve worked long and hard to make sure your social media strategy before and during your show is the best yet. You’ve created a hashtag and encouraged your attendees to share their experiences and opinions on Twitter throughout the event. But the end of your event shouldn’t mean the end of your social momentum! Post-show content and social media is just as important as what you tweet and tag during the show. One of our favorite ways to ensure that your trade show strategy is as social as possible is through custom social media infographics.

An infographic is a visual representation of data, information, or knowledge. You can use an infographic to represent any type of data and to tell a variety of stories. Social media infographics show the metrics and analytics of the Twitter buzz surrounding your show in an appealing graphic that has the potential to be viral marketing material for your event. Here are the top 3 reasons your trade show needs an infographic:

1. Infographics give you a visual representation of the conversation surrounding your trade show

You can brag all day about the exposure, reach, and impressions of your trade show hashtag, but chances are that most people either won’t understand what you’re talking about– or, unfortunately, they won’t care. Infographics are an enticing and easily understandable way to show the statistics on reach, exposure, and activity around your hashtag. By releasing an infographic, you present yourself as an expert in your field, and have a snazzy, visually appealing way to prove the naysayers wrong. Your trade show rocks, and the buzz around your event, as presented by your infographic, proves it.

2. Infographics keep social momentum going

Infographics are delightfully shareable! An infographic published on a WordPress blog or website will often provide an embed code which allows you and others to easily share and link to the graphic. They are also easily shared on social networks, which will keep the social momentum going after your event ends. In addition, infographics have a better chance of becoming viral compared to ordinary text. When your infographic is shared on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, you ensure that the buzz around your trade show continues long after your event ends.

3. Infographics reward top contributors

If you publish a social media infographic about the tweets surrounding your event, it only makes sense to mention your top tweeters. By listing the Twitter users who were the most active, had the highest impact, were the most popular, and tweeted the most original tweets using your trade show hashtag, you not only make those users feel like Twitter celebrities, but also encourage them to both share your infographic and tweet about your show in the future.

So now you know: your trade show needs an infographic. Still not convinced? When you work with TagPrints to create a custom infographic for your trade show, we collect data on the Twitter chatter surrounding your event, create a dynamic custom-themed infographic for your event, and provide you with an Excel spreadsheet including comprehensive Twitter data and user information. We provide you with an invaluable, in-depth analysis of the social media conversation surrounding the event, giving you high quality insight into your attendees’ experience.

Need proof? Here are some examples of past infographic magic:


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