Frozen Moments,
Begging to Be Shared

The Array panoramic camera is a perfect solution for all event sizes. Multiple cameras shoot simultaneously, capturing a split second at a 180° rotation. Videos are immediately available to share from a kiosk.

One Less Thing To Worry About! – OUR TAG TEAM HAS YOUR BACK…

Two members of our team will be there during your event to assure smooth sailing. We’ll assemble, assist, operate, breakdown, and pack up.


Make it Yours

Your brand will be screaming for attention while on display with our with custom designed overlays and backdrops by our team of talented design experts.

Flashy Perks!

These additional perks will help optimize your event.

Stunning, Ongoing Marketing Content

Share photos live from your event online, and afterward for maximum event exposure.

Real-Time Analytics

Track shares across all social media platforms with our built-in analytics software.


Customized disclaimers in user prompts make it easy to obtain elegibility verfications and permission to use their photos for your brand.

Valuable Lead Generation

Require phone or email information from users in order for them to share their photos—and grow your contact list at the same time.

Powerful Data Collection

Grow your contact list by only allowing users to share their photo after entering an email address or phone number.

Email Opt-Ins

Let users know that they’re opting into communications when they share their email.

Rental Options


Perfect for short-term events like parties, award shows, weekend conferences, and festivals.


Longer-term campaigns and events benefit from creative photography installations with more longevity for more opportunity for exposure.


All the excitement and dimension of a fully-branded GIF booth can be yours to keep!


How does this work?
ARRAY combines multiple photos to create an incredible, matrix-like experience. Our high-quality DSLR cameras create a crisp panoramic 'frozen-moment' video to share on all social media.
How do people share their videos?
After you take your photo in front of ARRAY photos are sent to a sharing kiosk where you can post directly to your social accounts or email/text to yourself your image to post from your device.
How much space does this require?
ARRAY sets up in approximately 45 minutes with 2 team members and our recommended footprint is 10′ x 12′ for best results. We'll take care of setup, tech, and breakdown for you!