An Experience as AMAZING as Your Attendees

The latest and greatest offering of TagPrints, the Mosaic Experience takes immersive to another level.

The star of the show is a larger than life masterpiece composed of hundreds (or thousands) of tiny tile images that magically form a stunning composite of your choice.

Photos are snapped and printed right at the event, and given to the attendees to on the featured background which ultimately evolves into an impressive, cohesive image.

The world’s largest print mosaic wall was created by TagPrints for the Baird 100 Year Celebration. The incredible story and case study can be viewed here.

The Sky’s the Creative Limit!

Hosting a multi-city, multi-day, virtual, or out of the box event? TagPrints will be sure you pull it off… seamlessly!

Vans ‘Checkerboard Day’ is a global initiative to champion the power of creativity all over the world.

TagPrints was tasked with creating a simultaneous experience for two of their largest markets in the U.S. that is equally as creative as the event itself.

A mosaic wall experience was set up in each location, creating an outstanding, immersive, sharable and memorable experience by all who participated, and all that watched!

It’s Surprisingly Simple (for you)!

Pulling off a feat like a giant mosaic wall composition may seem complicated. Well, it is… but not for you!

Here’s how you get started:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Share your Goals and Attendance Info
  3. We’ll do the rest!

At the event, here’s what happens:

  1. Your guest takes a photo at the kiosk.
  2. Our staff helps them place it on the board.
  3. The magic happens!

Bonus – after the event the beautifully created mosaic of all attendees is yours to keep!

TagPrints teamed up with Coca Cola to host a three-day event for the National Restaurant Association. The 2,880 attendees mosaic wall cannot be ignored – The results are really mind-blowing!