Coca Cola: PGA Tour

Coca Cola: PGA Tour

The Ask

TagPrints teed up in Atlanta to bring a stunning Coca Cola wall to life at the PGA Tour Championship with our crowd-pleasing ARRAY.

The Process

For the entirety of the tournament, the ARRAY’s 13 DSLR cameras instantly captured the joy and excitement fans experienced at the culmination of the PGA Playoffs. Positioned in front of an epic bottle cap mosaic wall Coca Cola created, fans had the chance to pose next to the iconic PGA Championship trophy or get into the game with golf clubs, quiet signs, and a replica trophy. After sharing the hole-in-one photo op at our kiosk, crucial data captures were collected asking attendees “is it your first time at a championship tournament?”

The Experience

A fun and easy way for fans to share their passion while promoting the tour’s largest sponsor amidst the best golfers in the world. Par for the course.

Tech Specs
‣ ARRAY 13 Camera
‣ Sharing Station
‣ TagPrints Project Supervisor

The Result
‣ Over 800 shares