ComplexCon: Birds of Prey

ComplexCon: Birds of Prey

The Ask
Warner Bros. tasked TagPrints with creating a photo experience that rivaled both the chaotic energy of Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey and the excitement of ComplexCon in LA.

The Process
In true Harley Quinn fashion, TagPrints made quite the scene with a completely custom 8’x8’ enclosed room. Vibrant BoP branding on the outside walls matched wildly-inspired UV-painted murals on the inside. While in the room, black lights and psychotic scenery gave fans a glimpse inside the mind of the formerly crazed criminal.

Once in the room, guests were prompted with on-screen instructions. They modeled fierce props, gave their best poses, and rocked out in total anarchy. TagPrints captured each unique moment in an HD video for consumers to easily share in real-time. With our management team onsite at ComplexCon, we were ready for the impressive crowds.

The Experience
Total Chaos. True Madness. The ComplexCon crowds were clearly just as excited about this project as we were! After an impressive day of outputs, videos flooded social channels with excitement for the movie’s upcoming release!

Tech Specs
‣ Custom Video Experience
‣ Movie props
‣ Custom fabricated, fully-enclosed room
‣ UV painted walls
‣ Pre- and post-roll video

The Result
‣ 379 sessions