The Ask

To deliver a photo experience that would elevate the energy and fun of Essentia’s promotional tours, which featured volleyball tournaments, yacht trips, and much more of summer’s best events.

The Process

Essentia’s #OverachievingH2O took TagPrints to beaches–bicoastal beaches at that! We geared up for plenty of sunny activations in LA, Orange County, Brooklyn, and Long Island. While Essentia kept everyone hydrated under the beating summer sun, guests posed with a huge essential water bottle cut-outs, their personal water bottles, or just showed off their best beach bods. TagPrints made it possible to position the camera in front of a lush green wall with Essentia branding, or to take photos with an open-air backdrop, highlighting some of the most exciting days of beach volleyball.

The Experience

While Essentia quenched the thirst of beachgoers on both coasts of the country, TagPrints kept the memories of their summer fun fresh in their minds with photos they can easily share on all of their favorite social channels. And with almost 7,000 shares, we had quite the #overachieving audience.

Tech Specs

‣Social Photo Booth
‣ White Label Branding
‣ Branded exterior

The Result
‣Over 5,100 sessions
‣Over 8900 shares