IT: Chapter Two

IT: Chapter Two

The Ask
Immerse horror film fanatics into the terrifying world of IT: Chapter 2. We partnered with Warner Bros. to bring the terror of Pennywise into movie theaters across the country with a custom photo booth experience. Because who wouldn’t want to be transported into the eerie and cursed town of Derry?

The Process
Seated in a triple-wall green screen setup with custom exterior branding, guests were given a teacup prop used throughout the clip to make the experience even more convincing.

After a cue from an on-site TagPrints project supervisor, a custom pre-roll played and guests found themselves face to face with Mrs. Kersch, Derry’s spookiest resident. A monitor stationed in front of guests gave prompts and a real-time look into the scene they were immersed in. Movie-goers sipped their tea while attempting to reciprocate the excruciatingly uncomfortable stares of Mrs. Kersch. After a custom post-roll played, guests were able to take home a clip of themselves inside the movie.

The Experience
This was one for the books–a truly bone-chilling stare off with one of the movie’s creepiest characters, Mrs. Kersch. With four pop-ups across the country, TagPrints was able to create a premiere, custom experience for everyone to share in the scares.

Tech Specs
‣Custom Video Experience
‣Green Screen
‣Movie props
‣Pre-roll and post-roll video

The Result
‣500+ sessions
‣1200+ total shares