John Wick Road Trip

John Wick Road Trip

The Ask
TagPrints was tasked with bringing to life Lionsgate’s John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. This would include a road trip with 15 stops, featuring John Wick’s hottest rides from the first two movies, and a chance for fans to live out their wildest motorcycle fantasies.

The Process
Those who were daring enough to mount the John Wick motorcycle were teleported into the John Wick Parabellum universe. Riders were immersed in a scene identical to the movie, and experienced an adrenaline-filled high-speed chase simulation, including fighting off assailants.

Excited guests also got the chance to pose with the ‘69 Ford Mustang featured in the movie, creating the ultimate superfan experience.

The Experience
The ‘69 Ford Mustang and zero DSR motorcycle drew motorheads in every city. These fans reveled in exclusive video captures and picture-perfect moments. Our video green screen high-speed motorcycle chase simulation stole the show, as attendees got the chance to show off their combat skills!

Tech Specs
• Photo Booth Lite
• Enclosed Green Screen Room
• Motorcycle Video Green Screen
• ’69 Mustang Photo Op
• Handheld Photo Booth Lite

The Result
• Over 3,000 sessions