NHL Winter Classic

NHL Winter Classic

The Ask
Discover wanted to give the NHL’s devoted fans something to share from what was sure to be a memorable night at the Winter Classic. So TagPrints brought snow to Dallas–confetti snow, that is.

The Process
Fans stepped onto the Discover-branded 360 platform to show off their best poses and face-off stances. Just like that, guests were transported into their very own 10-second parade. While we may have been in Texas, fans of both the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators had a chance to share in the fun by choosing confetti that matched the colors of their beloved team. A slow-motion effect was the icing on the cake for perfectly dramatic social content fans were dying to share.

Three staff members, including a TagPrints project supervisor, ensured an event smooth as ice from start to finish.

The Experience 
With a 360 camera highlighting all the coolest angles in slow-motion and confetti raining down, guests stepped into a world only Stanley Cup champions would recognize. TagPrints offered fans a personalized experience that brought the excitement of the game to their mobile screens while everyone’s favorite players raced up and down the rink.

Tech Specs
‣ 360 camera
‣ Custom colored confetti
‣ Exterior branding

The Result
‣ 805 total shares
‣ 260 sessions