The Ask
TagPrints joined forces with DC’s newest comic book adaptation, SHAZAM!, to make everyone feel as powerful as the lightning-shooting, teleporting, ultra-strong superhero.

The Process
Guests stepped into the world of SHAZAM!–quite literally–with a voice-activated, augmented reality photo booth room. We built and transported two custom rooms that gave fans SHAZAM!’s newfound powers of super-strength, electricity, and flight! All the fans had to do was say the superhero’s famous catchphrase and, SHAZAM!, they were transported into their very own superhero experience!

The Experience
We created a custom fan experience that captures the magic of becoming the superhero they saw on the big screen. We traveled across the country, stopping in NYC, MIA, CHI and LA to spread the word of DC’s newest superhero while giving fans an unforgettable and *super* shareable experience.

Tech Specs
‣Custom video experience
‣Custom exterior branding
‣Custom green screen room
‣Custom augmented reality software
‣Branded Microsite

The Result
‣Over 12,000 fans transformed into SHAZAM!