Photo Booth For Events: Tips and Ideas

When we take a photo, it’s not just a snapshot of a moment in time. It captures our emotions and memories, making it a valuable keepsake for years to come. That’s why photo booths have become a popular addition at occasions like corporate events and parties. These photo booths for events offer a fun way for guests to capture their special moments and create lasting memories. Event organizers are also utilizing photo booths as a way to engage their audience and provide added value to any occasion, making it a worthwhile investment for any event.

What Is a Photo Booth For Events?

Today’s photo booth events offer more than just a fun experience for attendees – they also provide an opportunity for experiential marketing. By allowing guests to share their photos, gifs, and videos on social media, photo booths can help increase event engagement and promote the event to a wider audience. And with the advancements in technology, these photo booths can be taken to the next level with interactive features and customized elements.


Whether for corporate events, weddings, or conventions, photo booths add an element of fun and creativity that helps create a memorable experience for attendees.

Tips To Take Into Consideration Before Renting a Photo Booth

The options for photo booths are limitless. To help you choose the best photo booth for your event, we’ve gathered some of the things to consider before renting one below.

DIY or Professional?

When it comes to setting up a photo booth at events, the decision between a professional or DIY option can have a significant impact on the overall experience for attendees. Professional photo booths can offer a streamlined and polished look, with the added convenience of being able to outsource setup and management.


However, DIY photo booths offer a more personalized touch and can also be cost-effective, as long as you are willing to invest the time and labor into creating your setup. It is important to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option before deciding on which photo booth setup will best suit your event needs.

Encourage Social Media Sharing

Encourage attendees to share their photos on their platforms by posting about the photobooth and including the hashtag about your event. This not only allows for more organic promotion but also gives attendees a chance to be mini influencers and show off their experiences at the event. In addition, consider offering incentives or giveaways for those who share their photo booth pictures online with your event’s hashtag.

Allow Ample Space In The Floor Plan

When planning for your event, be sure to allow ample space for a photo booth in the floor plan. These large setups require plenty of room for guests to be at ease and strike a pose. It’s important not to wait until the last minute to factor in this aspect of entertainment, as it may require rearranging other elements of the event layout.  Keep photo booth space in mind when planning your event layout to ensure a successful setup.

Place It Strategically

Simply setting up the booth in a random location may not attract enough attention. Strategic placement, on the other hand, can lead to higher engagement and better results. This means finding a spot that is both easily accessible and unavoidable and will get people’s attention as they pass by. This approach ensures maximum exposure for your event and guarantees success for the photo booth.

Ideas for a Photobooth

Include Festive Props

Adding props to your photo booth can bring the atmosphere to life and make for some truly fun and memorable pictures. These props can be themed to match the event, such as a holiday or sports-related item, or they can simply be a collection of wacky accessories like hats, glasses, signs, and fake mustaches. Whatever you choose, the props will encourage guests to let loose and have a good time in front of the camera. 

Real-Time Display

Not only do photo booths provide entertainment and create lasting memories, but they can also serve as a real-time display of the event on larger screens or walls. By linking the photo booth with a real-time wall display, attendees can instantly see their photos, GIFs, and videos displayed alongside those of their peers. This not only adds an interactive element to the event but also allows for the creation of a dynamic and constantly evolving visual display.


Personalize It

Personalization can enhance any event’s photo booth experience. By incorporating props and accessories that align with the event’s theme, attendees will have more fun posing for photos and posting them on their social media channels. Personalized photo booth items also act as an advertising tool, allowing the event to gain exposure through these branded elements appearing in attendees’ photos. Props can also be a great way to showcase your event’s theme or personality. So don’t just provide generic photo booth supplies – think about ways to personalize them for a more engaging experience for guests and greater promotional potential for the event.

360 Photo Booths Are Trending

360 photo booths are truly the next level of the photo booth experience, capturing your guests from every angle. Not only will it be a unique and upscale addition to your event, but it will make for some memorable photoshoot moments with friends and family. Just be sure to plan and set aside enough space for the booth’s required footprint. Your event will surely stand out among the rest with a 360 photo booth.

Wow Your Guests With A Leveled-Up Selfie Experience

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